Frequently Asked Questions

OS Supported

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 (Legacy version)
  • Windows 7 (Legacy version)
  • Linux (AppImage)

You receive an email “New sign in from Linux” or “New sign in from Windows”.

Komz is based on the use of user agent, the user agent tells the service which platform you are connecting from.
And sometimes komz need to use other user agent from Linux or Mac or Windows to connect to some service because the service doesn’t support the original platform for this custom browser…
This also makes it possible to be certain that the service works the same way whether Komz is used from Linux or Windows.

  • Under no circumstances has the service been hacked.
  • The password is not saved in Komz.
  • The connected service thinks it is an access from another system. (It meant no harm to you or the service)

Your cart is currently empty.

It depends of your navigator, 2 way to fix this message:

  • Use Chrome or Edge.
  • Log into your acccount before click “Buy License” (Create your account if you do not have one).

Software instability, or Komz do not start

  • Select another graphic driver with “Komz/Select Graphic Driver for Komz.lnk” inside the start menu of Windows
  • Try to update your graphic drivers


If the service do not connect, go on Whatsapp on your mobile phone and activate the multi-device beta.
More informations: