Komz is aim to concentrate all apps in one.

Regroup all your services and easily manage notifications to increase your productivity.

Komz is aim to concentrate all apps in one.

This product is is compatible with Windows 7 to 11, Linux (AppImage)

Main functionalities:

Main functionalities:

More than 70 services
Auto login with cookie on restart
Spell check in multiple language
– Select UI/Browsing language
Multiple account on same service

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Control your music from the title bar

Customizable remote control for music



Icon notifications

DisconnectedDisconnected icon
MessageMessage icon
NotificationNotification icon

Multi workspace

– Manage multi workspace
– Enable service to work in background
– Customize name and color of workspace

Multi workspace

Get started !

Download, install and add your first service.


– No password saving!
Keepass/Bitwarden/… compatible with AUTO-TYPE
– Always use https
Prevent Cookie Stealing
– Each service are isolated
External link are open inside your favorite browser

Block Ads

Block Ads

Custom fast engine to block ads.
– Choice to enable ad blocker for each service..
– Select your ad blocking type.
Automatic update of blocked ads rules.

3 versions of Komz

Free, Professional or Enterprise.

The free version give you access to a lot of functionalities, the professional will extend even more, if you want a personalized version, with personalized services, ask for it!

Free or Pro ?Download
3 versions of Komz
Multiple account

Multiple account

Visualize all your accounts easily running with instant messages.

Download manager

– Easily search for a downloaded file!

– Get visual confirmation that the file still exists on the drive if the file name is not greyed out.

– Destroy the file easily.

Download manager

Supported Languages